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Homage to the Creative Process

The ability of the creative process  to engage both head and heart, and its function as an instrument of self-transformation and cultural change. SoundDome works to facilitate individual creative processes, to provide artists with absolute freedom over the art they make, and to help achieve appropriate performance outcomes in the community.

The Value of Education

Enabling a theory-practice-transformation cycle through the facilitation of creative ideas and the study of literature, repertoire, and technique relating to seven sonic arts sub-disciplines: stereo and multichannel acousmatic music, live sonic arts, generative music, sonic arts in the field, visual music, interactive installation and innovative forms of popular music. Introductory, intermediate, and advanced educational units are offered at various intervals.

Excellence and Integrity

Achieved through purpose-built facilities, state of the art technology, and uncompromising quality assurance procedures. The SoundDome factory space in Matangi, Waikato contains an impressive array of specialist equipment and resources for the production/presentation of sonic arts.

Conservation of Sonic Artworks

Providing a central repository for sonic artists to upload their works, and for practitioners and researchers alike to study the works in an ideal playback facility that does not compromise the communicability of the materials or the intentions of the composer. The SoundDome organisation is proud to offer this educational service to the New Zealand community.

Providing opportunities for members of the existing community, building a new community, and honouring ancestors. Within the Sonic Arts community in Aotearoa, and internationally, we have an abundance of knowledge, experience and resources that we can draw on and share to meet the needs of community members – without political funding pressures playing a part in defining an artist’s needs.

Access by Invitation and Referral

Access to the SoundDome is by invitation only; however, new members may be recruited by existing members via referral to the SoundDome Charitable Trust (SDCT) Board. Applications for access are managed on an individual basis according to the strength of recommendation, the quality of creative work produced by the applicant and the resources available. This community-based ‘rite of passage’ is common in a number of cultures throughout the world, and is well known for its effectiveness as a quality assurance mechanism.