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A 30-loudspeaker 8m diameter dome with acoustic treatment, computer and specialist software (permanently erected). Ideal 3D ambisonic sound projection, with near anechoic uniform reflections.

A live stage area with 2 loudspeakers, laptop and specialist software, microphones, gestural controllers, mixing desk, and a 17-loudspeaker 14m diameter performance dome for festival events (not erected).

Generative Music

Laptop and specialist software.

Sonic Arts in the Field

Portable field recorders, specialist microphones and data capture sensors for use at nearby Maungatautari, Sanctuary Mountain or other field locations.

Visual Music

A 63” plasma screen, cameras, projectors, computer and specialist software.

Interactive Installation

Designated spaces, working areas, Arduino kits, and tools and materials for fabrication.

Innovative Popular Music

Rehearsal area with electronic drum kit, bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, effects, amplifiers, microphones, mixing desk, and public-address system.

General Facilities

 Power and unlimited internet are supplied free of charge, and basic accommodation and cooking facilities are available to residents who wish to further reduce their living costs.