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Research of hardware, software, and compositional techniques relating to seven sonic arts sub-disciplines. Research is primarily undertaken by members of SDCT Board and in collaboration with other individuals, institutions, and/or industries. Findings are routinely documented and made available to other SoundDome participants for art-making purposes.


Completed works will be published through Rattle Records Online at and on blu ray DVD. 


All SoundDome participants are encouraged to transfer their repertoire to the 8m SoundDome for archiving purposes. The facility provides an ideal method of playback for fixed media artworks allowing researchers the opportunity to experience the works exactly as the composer intended. The facility also supports the high-quality playback of video files relating to live sonic arts genres.
Visits from university students, researchers, self-trained artists/musicians, and/or members of the public are arranged as required, and normally incorporate a 1-hour introductory presentation. Sonic artists from the international community and individuals from associated industries are also invited to visit the SoundDome. Interested parties should contact the managing trustee to arrange times/dates.


Individuals who wish to join the SoundDome organisation are expected to undergo an induction period where they are mentored by existing SoundDome members. Applications for membership should include both an 8-channel (or other multichannel) acousmatic work and a letter of referral signed by an existing SoundDome member. Applications are managed on an individual basis according to the strength of recommendation, the quality of creative work produced by the applicant and the resources available. 

Residencies and Independent Use 

Available to all SoundDome members.  All residencies are recipient-funded, and a standard booking fee of $20 per day applies. Established international-level sonic artists may apply directly to SDCT board for residencies in the SoundDome. Applications should include a project proposal, CV, references and relevant artworks.