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SoundDome Sonic Arts Prize 2018: Regulations

  • The SoundDome Sonic Arts Prize 2018 is a one-off competition for the realisation of a sonic artwork of any genre including but not limited to stereo and multichannel acousmatic music, live sonic arts, generative music, sonic arts in the field, visual music, interactive installation and innovative forms of popular music.
  • The competition is organised by SoundDome Charitable Trust with the support of Rattle Records.
  • The competition is open to any sonic artwork that has never won an award or has been the object of a published recording. Candidates who fail to acknowledge this disposition will be excluded from the competition.
  • The competition is open to composers/sonic artists of any age who are New Zealand citizens or permanent residents.
  • One creative work only of non-fixed duration should be submitted to the jury for consideration by 5.00pm 31 October 2018.
  • The email address for file submission is [email protected] (please send links to files as specified below)
  • File submissions should include 1) a text file (.rft or .doc) showing the composer’s name, email address, DOB, brief bio, title of work, year of authorship, genre/instrumentation, duration and brief programme note; 2) a stereo bounce/recording of the work in a high-quality format (stereo Aiff/Wav or video file). Multichannel submissions should include both multichannel files together with speaker configuration documents AND a stereo bounce/mix. Audio/video files should be labelled with the title of the work only. Please zip all files together and send through a service such as
  • Members of the jury will assess all submissions during the period 1-14 November 2018 and provide a ranking based on their own individual experience and expertise. The names and biographies of composers/sonic artists will not be supplied to the jury until after the ranking process has been carried out. The jury will meet on 15 or 16 November 2018 to collate the results and to select the winning work.
  • The winning work will be announced to all candidates on 16 November 2018.
  • There will be one prize package offered, which will include the following prizes:
    • $500 cash (paid into a NZ bank account within 14 days of the announcement)
    • A weekend at the SoundDome to prepare the work for online publication*
    • Online publication of the work on the Rattle/SoundDome web page.

* Details such as dates, travel and accommodation expenses will be negotiated between SoundDome Charitable Trust and the competition winner.

  • Members of the jury: Christopher Cree Brown, John Coulter, John Elmsly, Steve Garden, Dugal McKinnon

To download the regulations in .pdf format please click here.